The products offered to our clients are of high certified quality and permanently controlled. ARTOIL offers its customers a range of products meeting the highest and strictest quality standards in the industry.

Diesel provided by ARTOIL is suitable for any type of compression-ignition engines. With EURO 5 features, it reduces pollution, has a low sulphur content and ensures high engine performance and efficient combustion. At the same time, it provides protection against engine wear, corrosion and deposits on injectors.
Having a low sulphur content, the gasoline that we provide protects the motor, but also meets the Euro 5 requirements, which is reflected in a reduced emission of GHG emissions and has a low content of benzene and aromatics. This type of gasoline is destined for spark ignition engines.
AdBlue is a new solution utilized to reduce emissions of nitrogen monoxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2), pollutants from burning fuel in diesel engines using selective catalytic reduction system. It is injected directly into the exhaust system, and following chemical reaction nuisances are broken down into pure nitrogen and water vapour.
Heat Liquid Fuel
Used for heating systems designed to use this type of fuel, such as thermal power plants and industrial furnaces, CTL has the ability to streamline the operation of combustion installations.
Fuel tanks
We intend to meet our customers' needs for fuel storage, by offering a wide range of diesel and underground fuel tanks / reservoirs for supplying vehicles and agricultural machinery.
The fuel tanks that we commercialize are manufactured in accordance with European norms and are constructed of carbon steel plate of first quality, with various storage capacities. We have a wide range of pumps and other accessories for reservoirs equipment.
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