ARTOIL is a Romanian private company founded in 2012 with headquarters in Timisoara, having as main activity the distribution and marketing of petroleum products (diesel, gasoline, OMV Card, AdBlue and CTL) nationwide.

Vision, Mission, Values


Artoil`s mission is to be easily perceived by all stakeholders of the company, starting with employees and ending with its partners, clients or suppliers. We want to ensure that our growth will take place gradually under a guided plan that promotes an equitable and performance orientated corporate governance.


Artoil is a company dedicated to sustainable and healthy development alongside our customers and partners. The main objective of the company is to become 'first-choice partner' for all companies in the agricultural sector nationwide, giving customers the confidence and support of large companies, but also keeping the flexibility of a small company.


Professionalism, transparency, respect, trust and security are defining values for our company that guide our entire activity. Lifelong learning is decisive for our professional development, increase of profitability and achieving high performance in skills, processes and leadership.

Excellence in Artoil services
Lack of corporate barriers
Reducing risk factors by guarantying the quality of the goods
Promptness and safety in delivery
The ability to fill the customer's financial needs
Communication and transparency improved by rigorous selection of all staff
Renowned partnerships in order to create relationships and services of the highest quality

Artoil resources at our customers’ demand
Multiple transportation options through our truck fleet
Storage space on technological standards of high quality
Access to daily deals from all distributors
Significant discounts through partners
Promptness, professionalism and quality
Specialization in agro field and specialized consultancy in oil
Activity sectors